Redeem 0 BIG Point Air Asia Free Seat

To all BIG Card holders! Do understand this info..
So it is true as what I understood, this BIG AirAsia sales is just the same with promo free seats AirAsia before this.

"Starts from 0 BIG Points onwards". Means, ONLY some locations with 0 BIG point. Others you need to redeem with "lowest BIG points".

If you are frequent AirAsia ticket hunter, you will understand these terms:
Free seats/ 0 fare = 0 BIG points
Lowest fare = Lowest BIG points.

And YES. Buying from Tune2BIG website is damn frustrating. The server severely make everyone pissed off, the payment channel also still charge the convenience fee - ironically, we are using BIG card at BIG website. WTH? 

You may still try your luck today to get the BIG Point promo at

Or just wait tonight to hunt at AirAsia website at midnight. Dont forget to read AirAsia Promo Hunting Tips!

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