Tips hunting AirAsia Promo Ticket

AirAsia Free Seats is back! Want to know the secret to hunt
for the lowest fare AirAsia ticket?

Here are some of the tips and tricks I personally use:

1. Be in front of your laptop/PC at 11.59 pm the day before the sales/promo. I usually start getting ready at 11.30pm..hehe. 
If you want to start hunting at 8 am and didnt see any lowest fare, pls dont shouting at AirAsia FB saying they are lying la, cheating customer la, stupid la etc. so far, all my trips are lowest fate/free seats.

2. Please use high-speed broadband. Using mere mobile broadband, might lower your chance.
p/s: I'm just using Streamyx 512kbps.

3. For non-credit card user: Please don't use CIMB savings account. Coz CIMB Clicks is sometime not accessible until 8-9am. Unlike Maybank2u that is under maintenance till 1 am only. So open a Maybank account or get your BIG Card today!

4. For credit card user: Why wasting rm8 for procesing fee per way? If you dont have the cash, dont buy. If you have the cash, dump it into BIG Card. You will get points for it and can later redeem for free flights.

5. Prepare full list of travel plans. Prepare lots of contigency plans. List down all the preferred dates for travelling. Then list down list of places you wish. So, if Date A u cant go to Destination X, maybe you can go to Destination Y. Or go to Destination X on Date B. Capisce?

6. Travelling in groups? Make sure you add them in "My Family and friends" list.

Didn't believe me? Check out here: My confirmed trips in 2013 with AirAsia. Complete with ticket price.  =)