#MH370 Live Update Channel #prayMH370

Since too many hearsays concerning #MH370, here are some reliable links/channels you should watch instead of believing your friends' FB status. Yes, even if your friend is working with MAS/embassy/KLIA/TUDM whatsoever.
1. @501Awani twitter
2. Astro Awani channel 501 on Astro.
3. Tonton Online: #MH370 @ Tonton via TV3 (no more now)
4. TV3 so far Live Update mcm Awani gak..
5. The Star Website ||  Star Online FB
6. Official statement from FB Malaysia Airlines  ||  Twitter MAS

kindly share to me if there is more other reliable channels. but the above macam dah cukup jugak. Wlu ada coverage from luar negara, I prefer Malaysian for now.

So far Astro Awani 501 mmg non stop update on #MH370.

I am truly sadden with this news, maybe because I'm a traveller. Or maybe I am just human. Shame on all of you who make this as a joke, political or just pure hates.

Thanks to all neigbouring countries that have dispatched their search & rescue team. Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, China, US and worldwide. Moga selamat semuanya. In shaa Allah..