Malaysia International Travel Mart 2013 Travel Fair

Have you heard about Malaysia International Travel Mart 2013 Travel Fair?
I went there today and got some goodies,as always. Hehe..

Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MIVEC)
Date: 4-6 Oct 2013.
FREE Entrance.
You will receive this bag upon entrance:

Should you go to Malaysia International Travel Mart 2013 Travel Fair? 1st of all, it is not even close to MATTA Fair. Not even 1/10 of it. Its a small-scale travel fair organized by Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA). Apart from few airlines, most of the booths are occupied by travel agents.

Whenever I'm at travel fair, I dont bother with all the packages. What I do is hunting for freebies, contests and booklets/brochures/information. The 1st counter I went was DPR Korea Tourism. Learnt something new: Just like Bhutan, we need to use travel agent to enter North Korea. Cannot go backpacking on our own.

Here are my freebies/gifts I received from MAS, DPR Korean Tourism and Amazing Thailand counters. Not much. The best counter to win free stuff is Malaysia Airlines (MAS). They have Twitter contest, Land the Plane contests, and the simplest one-Scan QR Code. 

But here is the best part, I love collecting all these booklets/maps. Some I didn't get it during last MATTA Fair.

Though this is organized by Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA), it still cater to others- so dont think only for Chinese yaa. Even have counters for Muslims. But back to the questions should you go to Malaysia International Travel Mart 2013 Travel Fair? I would say, YES if you happens to go to Mid Valley Megamall or currently looking for travel package.