Tanjung Piai - Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia

"Congratulations! You are now standing at the Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia"
--Sincerely, Tanjung Piai National Park.

Oh my! This was actually an unplanned trip while I was in Johor last June. I was actually planning for "3 Day, 3 Countries" which should include JB-Singapore-Batam. Unfortunately, my return flight was rescheduled to an earlier time, which make it not worthwhile for me to rush to Batam.

Confession: I never even heard of Tanjung Piai before. Guilty as charged!

Thankfully, my travel buddy, Hawa, who is also my host in JB, suggested this on our last day. The 3 of us - me, Hawa and Fareed, spent almost 2 hours driving there. From JB, just aim to Pontian/Kukup signboard. Dont forget to stop by at any stalls selling banana fritters, since they are quite different - pisang goreng with sambal kicap, Johor's tradeamark. Yummylicious! I just love street foods.

Oh ya, here is the entrance cost at Tanjung Piai National Park:
RM 5 for 18-50 years old. RM 3 for above 50 or below 18. FREE for under 6 years old.

So what actually Tanjung Piai National Park offers? Well, for us, we just enjoyed walking through the mangrove forest. Just take a stroll, enjoy the flora and fauna. Though I was a bit disturbed (scared a bit too) with the monkeys there. Trauma with the monkeys during my Langkawi island hopping trip

But actually there are more to offer here. Those who loves fishing may do so at the jetty. Camping and motivational group are possible too, but seems a bit pricey since this is not a mere forest camping spot.You can even buy a certificate at RM 5 to "certify" you have reached the Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia. How cool is that? 

And the trip with Fareed is never complete without  "gambar lompat" (jumping pictures). Hehe.. Fat girl can jump bebeh! 

Here are the spots of must-take-picture at Tanjung Piai National Park, namely Tanjung Piai Landmark and also at the Tip of Mainland Asia of course.

So now, since I'm already at Southern Most Tip of Mainland Asia , I'm planning to reach the Northern Most Tip of Borneo at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat,Sabah pulak.. Hehe..