Plan Legoland-JB-Batam trip

Here is my rough plan for Legoland-JB-Batam trip on 28-30 June 2013.

28hb: Legoland whole day and lepak JB.
29hb: Batam. undecided to overnight or not.
30hb: Round JB or buat gila masuk Singapore sekejap.

Tiket return AA to KUL-JB:RM55 (bought!)
Tiket return feri Stulang-Batam: RM110 + RM10 seaport tax charges.
The Zon Ferry schedule to Batam
Accomodation in JB: 
Free for me, Princess Amiodarone. 
RM18 at Tune Hotel Danga Bay for Fareed Adaboy. (bought!) 
Read here : Tune Hotel Oct 2012 RM18 promo!
Tiket Legoland: will hunt MATTA Fair March 2013